Learning & Development

Our team always learn & develop, that help us enables organizations to respond to changes and adapt to an increasingly competitive (and everchanging) market and also serve all of our clients at the best services. Efective learning can also lead to greater employee motivation and satisfaction as employees feel valued and able to grow and develop throughout their careers.

Sharing Together

Many employees do not feel comfortable sharing, but even those who do oftentimes do not fully grasp their company’s mission, what the organization wants to promote or even how their position directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Encouraging internal communication among your employees can greatly improve this. Creating and enabling this culture is extremely important, but not hard to do.

Winning Together

We value those who play as a team and earn their victories through hard work, commitment, determination, and courage. That’s why we work with businesses who align with our principles. We have the highest respect for the cultures that founders and management teams have created.

Problem Solving

Delivers services whenever and wherever the customer needs them and responds timely to customer needs. Finding causes when unable to deliver a request- ed service, and pursues solutions until the customer is satisied.



NGUYEN TRAN HOUSE Internship Program is an annual internship program designed by NGUYEN TRAN HOUSE specifically for final year students or recent graduates who want to learn about Prop-tech, especially those who are passionate about working in the Real Estate Industry – Working with Foreigners client in professional environment & High-end segment


Setup and run advertising campaigns to find quality customer data through Digital Marketing channels: Facebook, Google, Zalo, Email… according to the assigned budget. Support research team to research market size (search volume), competitors. Use MKT email tool and send MKT emails to customers. Post real estate ads on real estate listing websites